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My name is Martta, the co-owner of Four Pillars.


I am a holistic therapist specialising in soft tissue treatments, yoga and movement. I work with individuals ready to improve their health, helping them to become more mobile and mindful through educating how to balance out physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.


My fascination with movement started with my very first step. There wasn’t a physical activity that I didn’t want to try. All that unfortunately contributed to knowing way too well what it’s like to be on the other end of an injury. Head to toe. Broken bones, muscle strains, sprains and dislocations. I would see my physiotherapist more often than my own parents. The bright sight was that it lit up my curiosity and interest in manual therapy.  A few years later I decided to choose the therapist path. Swedish, Sports & Remedial Massage are the foundations on which I’ve built Back On Track. 

It wasn’t until I got introduced to Paul Chek’s teachings that I really started to understand the holistic nature of health & wellbeing and it became a daily practice for me. I didn’t want to just help clients to overcome injuries anymore, I wanted them to understand what living with pain means, why pain occurs and how to prevent further injuries. I want my clients to learn how to life-proof their bodies and minimise risk (and the need) of causing more unnecessary pain to themselves.


I am a big believer in taking a holistic approach when working with my clients. If you’re ready to improve your health, I will help you to become incredibly mobile and mindful through educating you how to balance out the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of your life.

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